Better If You Find Them

You won't believe the trouble Brian's dad might find himself in with the IRS.

QUESTION: Brian’s father-in-law has been foreclosed on, and he’s moving in with Brian and his wife until he straightens things out. As it turns out, dad is self-employed and hasn’t paid income tax in 10 years. Dave tells him what he needs to do, and very quickly.

ANSWER: The Internal Revenue Service will put him in jail if he doesn’t go to them. They have an amnesty program and you need to get to a certified public accountant today that can walk you through this. He’ll go back and file 3-5 years of taxes, and they’ll forget the rest. Get something filed, and that will generate the fact that he owes taxes, and he’s going to be put on an installment plan on what he owes. You don’t want the IRS coming to you; you go to them.