Making Time For Relaxation

Jim is trying to learn how to rest, recharge, and keep himself fresh. How does Dave do it?

QUESTION: Jim from Atlanta is trying to learn how to rest, recharge, and keep himself fresh. How does Dave do it?

ANSWER: Sometimes I don’t. As busy as we’ve been, one of the things we’ve learned is we have to put things that shouldn’t have to be put on the calendar. We’ll put date night on the calendar and block it out. Around our house, we use the phrase, “We’ve got to do calendars,” which means, “Where are you going to be next week?”

We plan our vacations way out in advance. We have to be very intentional about rest and recreation and exercise and marriage time and kids. Otherwise, I’ll find something to fill the time if I’m not intentional. That’s Sharon’s shield that goes up to protect me from me and to protect the family from me. She makes sure that the right stuff gets on the calendar and keeps it somewhat in balance. Then she knows there are times that it’s not going to be in balance because work has to be done. There are times work isn’t going to be in balance because family stuff has to be done. It becomes a task for a D. We like tasks. We like a goal. We like something to assign it to. This is one more thing I’m going to do. I like tasks. I thrive off of tasks, and if the task is date night, then let’s do the date night. If it’s a dinner party, that’s good. Let’s do it. At least I know what I’m doing. The idea of just doing nothing and sitting doesn’t happen much.

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