Balancing Act

Dave says there's an ebb and flow in the balance of working hard on your small business and spending time with your family.

QUESTION: Damian has a hard time balancing his small business work time and his home life. How does Dave do it? There is ebb and flow, says Dave.

ANSWER: All of us small business people struggle with that. Work-aholism is different than working hard. Work-aholism is where you derive everything in life from work, and that’s a sickness. Don’t confuse that with simply working hard. You don’t really figure it out, and that’s all right. You ebb and flow. But you have to remember to include the ebb and the flow.

On a daily basis, you can’t fit everything in and be balanced. If you spend time with your family, they will be more understanding when you can’t spend time with them. I have been working for the past 45 days straight, and I’ll take it easy for the next few weeks after all this is done.