New Invention Idea...What Now?

Dave thinks the first thing Sandy should do is to go to and see what they suggest for her idea.

QUESTION: Sandy has an idea for a new dog toy and wants to know what her next step should be.

ANSWER: There are rip-off companies that say they’ll help you build a prototype, patent your product, and then distribute it for you.  It’s a scam – don’t do it!

Go to and choose one of the inexpensive processes that they suggest for getting your product out in the marketplace.  You can also get a confidentiality agreement from this website.  At a later stage, you will need to get a patent and a patent attorney. 

Get a prototype made, fill out a confidentiality agreement, have about 1,000 of your products distributed in your area and track how well it does.

Remember this: very few con artists will go to the trouble to rip off an idea.  Ideas are a dime a dozen, but people who can get them into the marketplace are not.  Most businesses are not looking to steal your idea.