Small Hassle Or Big Idea

Sean wants to know how to handle strange requests that come into his business. Should he do them, or could they lead to a new target market?

QUESTION: Sean wants to know how Dave’s organization processes requests that don’t fall within the guidelines of what his company does.

ANSWER: The first thing we ask is if the strange request is something we can fill this time. Also, if we wanted to, can we fill it more times? Is this something we just want to do one time as a nice thing, or is it a product line that we want to be involved in?

The other possible answer to the strange request is that it’s a great idea. Maybe we need to have this as a whole new thing that opens up. Ask yourself how you could attract more people who are in that industry, and it could open up a whole new place to target a market. You have to make a decision about which of those it is, but you should be able to tell the difference.