Putting EntreLeadership Tips To Work

Jim is fired up about EntreLeadership and asks Dave how he can put some of these pieces of advice to work.

QUESTION: Jim wants to know how to implement the things he learned in EntreLeadership in his business at home without completely turning his workplace upside down. Dave advises him on the virtues of doing it gradually.

ANSWER: I think it’s always better to do things, rather than talk about them. People talk about things and don’t follow through, and you lose credibility with that. I would take your top 10 things that you found here that you’d like to see implemented and discuss how they look after they’re implemented. Then prioritize them and give them a timeline. How long will it take us to do these 10 things?

Get the group to agree on what you learned that you consider most important. Then start putting that in. You could announce it, but I would just do it; such as if you’re going to change your hiring and firing processes or compensation plan. It’s always good in a small business environment to be a doer and not a talker.

If it’s something that affects the group or culture, then you do need to talk about it openly. If you’re going to do big changes in the company, do them gradually.