Keeping People And Not Competing

Troy wants to know what Dave thinks of hiring an employee for his small business and using an employee contract?

QUESTION: Troy is a small business owner who is hiring a new employee. What is Dave’s stand on non-compete contracts and employment contracts?

ANSWER: I don’t want people working for me because they are bound to, legally. I lead a relationship-driven life, and it has paid me well. I don’t hold people to contracts or have them stay here out of obligation. If I can let you go and not be harmed, I’ll let you go. You don’t want miserable employees, because they provide bad customer service among other things. A guy who wants to leave but can’t because of a contract is miserable. Put him on board, and when he leaves, put someone else in there.

As far as non-competes, I wouldn’t worry about it. Very few people will outwork you and very few people will tell the truth. I knew someone who said if you work hard and tell the truth, you’ll beat 85% of the people doing that.