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Gary doesn't know how to go about hiring salespeople who will work for straight commission. How does Dave do it?

QUESTION: Gary is having trouble finding people who want to work for straight commission. How does Dave do it?

ANSWER: I love compensation plans that heavily incentivize. I’d put my receptionist on straight commission if we could figure out how. However, I hardly have anyone in my building on straight commission. The majority are on salary plus commission, or some kind of a draw until they get rolling. Broke salespeople smell desperate. They tend to over-promise and under-deliver. We also don’t want them to be fat and sassy by overpaying them, so we find a happy medium.

We give them some eating money, but the money they get to move away from pain and go toward pleasure, they have to go kill something and drag it home. You’ve got a base to keep your lights on and the kids fed, but we want you to kill something and drag it home.

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