Putting Together The Plan

Jenny is big on her small business idea, but small on what it takes to make it happen.

QUESTION: Jenny has an idea for a business, but isn’t very risk-tolerant. She needs Dave’s guidance on making a business plan for her career coaching/pre-college company.

ANSWER: Type in “small business plan” on Google and pull one up. Don’t pay for a small business plan. The small business plan addresses each components of business. It deals with how you sell your product, how you produce it, accounting and finance, personnel, etc. Start to address some of those things.

Some of could be overkill. Go out and sell some of these things, and just try something. As it starts to grow, then polish it. Get your idea down to a bumper sticker, so you can spout it off when someone asks about it. Print up some business cards and then do a marketing plan by talking to some high school guidance counselors. If you can scrape together some money, have a presentation one night to college and high school seniors. If you get 2 or 3 students fired up about it and then the word spreads, that’s what you’re after.