Getting Attorney Action

Dawn's landlord messed her over and they lost thousands on their small business. What's the best way to approach him on making this right?

QUESTION: Dawn and her husband started a small coffee house business. They were supposed to open in April, but their landlord never got the building up to code. They have spent $30,000 on getting equipment and installation; money that he was supposed to spend but didn’t. Now, the landlord won’t speak to them. What should they do?

ANSWER: You should have spent $30,000 on a lawyer. You’ve invested this money in this jerk’s building, and he doesn’t care. This location is gone, get out of there. I think you should send him a letter and have an attorney look at your situation to get out of this clean, then start looking for a new location. You’ve lost a bunch of money, but you’ll be open by the end of the year. This will be nothing more than an expensive memory by then. If this is the most expensive mistake you’ll ever make in business, then you’re a genius.