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Ask Dave

Dave has answered thousands of money questions over the years.
Find the answer to your question here.


Will the Government Take It?

Barry has a five-year-old daughter and wants to start a 529 for her. However, he is concerned that the government might seize the 529 assets in order to pay off debts and give people treasury bonds instead.

Leftover Education Trust

Renee says her husband has a Michigan Education Trust. Renee's husband didn't go to college, so they can either divide it between their two kids or cash it in. What would Dave do?

When Is It Okay to Buy a Dream Car?

Rick wants to buy a collectible car. However, Rick is in college and paying cash for school. He has about $2 million in investments. The car is $10,000. Dave tells Rick to buy it.

How Can I Find Money for Dental School?

Tom's son has applied to dental school, and the first year will be about $77,000. Tom wants his son to graduate with no debt and plans to help him. How do you approach this kind of graduate school?

Extra Savings Takes Away Volatility

Sarah is making $26,000 a year. Sarah has $1,000 in her emergency fund and is working extra jobs to earn extra money. Should she beef up her emergency fund in case she goes through another job loss?

Middle of the Storm

Susan and her husband have $6,000 in debt and some savings. They had a baby with some serious birth defects. Susan is unable to return to work. Dave recommends hanging on to the savings for the time being.

School's on the Horizon

Erin's husband is leaving his full-time job in a year so that he can attend school full time. Once they complete Baby Step 3, should they move to Baby Step 4 or continue saving?