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Ask Dave

Dave has answered thousands of money questions over the years.
Find the answer to your question here.


Used car mileage

Paul asks if Dave has a mileage limit when it comes to purchasing used cars. Dave says it's more about the overall quality and condition of the vehicle.

Save up, self insure

Shelby asks Dave if she should buy coverage offered by the gas and phone companies to cover lines running to her house from the street. Dave says no, and he tells Shelby the best plan for something like this is an emergency fund.

Trust is trust

Chelsey doesn't like the idea of a doctor's office keeping debit card, credit card, and bank account information in their files. She really wants to see this doctor, though, and asks Dave what she should do.

You still need one

Brad is debt-free, and he serves in the Navy. He doesn't have an emergency fund, but says the Navy provides certain types of relief funds for its members. Still, Dave urges Brad to set aside three to six months of expenses for the unexpected.

What's your priority?

Joel has a pretty sweet deal while in college, but he still wants to move out and be on his own. Dave helps him evaluate his options and how each interacts with the others.

Watch your spending while saving

Jessica is curious what Dave thinks about shopping at warehouse clubs. Dave says he's a fan, but he warns Jessica about overspending and overbuying.

You're using it wrong

Amy is having trouble paying for school with her debit card, because the site says payments can be made by credit card or cash only. Dave walks her through the functionality of her debit card.

Let them be kids, too

Valerie and her husband would like to give something to their grandchildren for Christmas other than the usual toys. Dave likes their idea of planning for the future, but he advises them to throw in a few toys, too.