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Ask Dave

Used car mileage

Paul asks if Dave has a mileage limit when it comes to purchasing used cars. Dave says it's more about the overall quality and condition of the vehicle.

QUESTION: Paul asks Dave if he has a mileage limit rule when it comes to purchasing used vehicles.

ANSWER: No, not really. What I try to determine, in an overall sense, is whether or not the car is run down to the point it will give me trouble.

Inexpensive, cheaply made cars have a greater likelihood of being worn out by high mileage. A 100,000-mile Dodge Neon would be a little different than a 100,000-mile Mercedes. Of course, a lot depends on your budget, too.

Fewer miles is always good. But generally speaking, the more of an “economy car” you’re looking at, the more the miles would have a negative impact. What you’re looking for is dependability, and how much life is left in the vehicle.