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Ask Dave

Trust is trust

Chelsey doesn't like the idea of a doctor's office keeping debit card, credit card, and bank account information in their files. She really wants to see this doctor, though, and asks Dave what she should do.

QUESTION: Chelsey has a medical condition. She found a specialist, but the doctor’s office requires credit card, debit card, or bank account information be kept in their files. Chelsey is uncomfortable with them retaining this kind of information, and she asks Dave what to do.

ANSWER: If you’re uncomfortable with this practice having your financial information, then you should also be uncomfortable with them treating you and any medical opinions they would render.

Sometimes people say they’re not going to tithe at a certain church because they don’t agree with its teachings or other things that go on there. At the same time, they’re willing to trust their children’s souls to the teachers of their Sunday school classes. You’re willing to let them influence and guide your walk with God, but you don’t trust them with your money? That’s kind of dumb, don’t you think? I mean, that’s so inconsistent it’s appalling.

When it comes to an issue like this, if you’re not willing to give there, you shouldn’t go there. And I feel the same way about your issue with this doctor’s office.