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Ask Dave

Don't freak out

Dave talks to Lindsay in St. Louis, who runs her own small business and is going to have a baby. During the conversation, Dave helps calm her down, while offering some good advice for the future of her business and the family.

QUESTION: Lindsay started her own small bakery from home two years ago, providing wedding and specialty cakes. She just found out she’s pregnant, and while she and her husband are excited about the baby, they’re worried as to how they will handle everything after the little one arrives. They both work really long hours but don’t make a lot of money. Dave offers encouragement and advice for this family and the future.

ANSWER: Well, the good news is you can schedule things. Now, if you get into a busy season — say around wedding season — you may want to bring in a baby sitter. But I don’t think I would do daycare every week or every day. You’re probably not that busy 12 months out of the year. You probably have a busy season, and you might bring in some short-term help during that time.

I think more than anything you need some good business planning and time management, and your husband needs some relief in the future, as well. If you can see that his hours are going to back down and his income is going to go up, because he’s going to change careers or make a modification to the current career, and you can plan how you’re going to put your stuff together, then some of the stress will fall off.

A lot of people do the kind of thing you’re talking about, and it’s an awesome thing. I think you’re going to win! I’m not freaked out listening to you at all, I’m just a little freaked out because you’re freaked out. But other than that, I think everything’s going to be fine.