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Ask Dave

Dave has answered thousands of money questions over the years.
Find the answer to your question here.


Travel expenses?

Can Roxanne get the job done without a credit card? Dave lays out a plan to cover her travel expenses and avoid debt.

Wait on the honeymoon?

Postpone the honeymoon due to a job loss? Dave gives his opinion on Corina's situation.

Yes, you can pay cash for college

Can you attend college without going into debt? Dave says you can, and he takes on some folks who disagree. Listen to Dave at his best.

Emergency fund in a safe?

Keep part of your emergency fund in cash at home in a safe? Dave answers Will's question, and he offers a little advice.

Larger emergency fund?

Don and his wife work for the same company. Because of this, should they have a larger emergency fund? Dave has the answer.

Absolutely not!

Should Ferisa and her husband move their emergency fund from a money market account to a short-term bond fund? Dave doesn't like this idea, and he explains the reasons why.

Expenses, not income

Dave explains to Lewis why an emergency fund should be based on three to six months of expenses, not income.

Gift cards for grandkids?

Liz wants to give her grandchildren gift cards for Christmas, but Dave isn't fond of the idea - especially when it comes to little kids.