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Ask Dave

Dave has answered thousands of money questions over the years.
Find the answer to your question here.


Too much risk

Dylan asks Dave what he should do with company stock he was given years ago as a gift. Dave advises him and explains the process.

Crowdfunding real estate?

Adam wants to know if Dave thinks crowdfunding is a good way to invest in real estate. As you might expect, Dave is not a fan of the idea.

Run from that guy

After losing his job, Durnae's husband has been told he should roll his 401(k) into a hybrid annuity. Dave strongly disagrees, and he explains why this would be a bad idea.

A bad idea

Sandy is wondering about the wisdom of transferring an IRA over to gold. Dave lets her know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it's a bad idea.

Automatic round up?

Becky asks Dave what he thinks about bank automatic savings plans that round up each transaction and put the rest into savings. Dave urges her to save and invest on a much larger scale.

Targeted funds for retirement?

A Twitter follower asks Dave his opinion of using targeted funds for retirement. Dave doesn't advise it, saying the best way to approach investing is to keep things as simple as possible.

Micro-investing apps?

Tammy asks Dave what he thinks about micro-investing apps. He advises her to think big when it comes to investing.

Learning and living

Joan was left in great shape financially after her husband passed away. He handled most of the finances when he was alive, so now Joan is trying to learn more about the wealth they accumulated and how to move forward. Dave and his guest, Chris Hogan, offer advice and support.

How much?

John wonders how much we will need to live comfortably after retirement. Dave gives him a quick way to determine the amount, plus some extra advice for making the process even easier.

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Build Long-Term Wealth 

Build Long-Term Wealth

Work with an investing pro and take control of your future.
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Build Long-Term Wealth

Work with an investing pro and take control of your future.
Get Started