Out Of Line Parents

Jim's parents have a serious attitude problem, especially considering how he gives money.

QUESTION: Jim's in-laws make $2,200 a month in Social Security income, but are 3 months behind on the mortgage and have $12,000 in debt. He taught them how to handle money and gives an allowance since he believes in honoring the parents, but they are unappreciative and get angry with him if his check is late. Dave almost blows his top here.

ANSWER: You don't honor your parents' cocaine addiction, you honor the position of motherhood and fatherhood. You can honor the sinner and not the sin. I'm not putting up with ONE freakin' angry phone call! I would be all up in somebody's face after all you've done for them. They are absolutely out of line. The Bible doesn't call you to be abused by her parents. That is unconscionable.

You are going to have to draw some boundaries at some point, so you should do it sooner rather than later. You can confront parents about misbehavior; it's not dishonoring them.