Breaking Up Is Easy To Do

One listener hasn't been on a date with her husband in a long time, and it's affecting their marriage. Something about that puzzles Dave.

QUESTION: Listener hasn’t been on a date with her husband in a year because their daughter is newly-born. It’s starting to affect their marriage and they can’t afford a babysitter. Dave has a suggestion for her, but calls her out on something else.

ANSWER: My wife and I were married 6 years before I knew you were supposed to go on a date. It’s good to go on dates, but to say your relationship is unraveling because you can’t go on dates? Come on, suck it up! If your relationship will come unglued because of a lack of dates, then you have other issues. It’s important to go on date nights, but if your relationship is breaking up over it, then the relationship is bad. Try trading out babysitting with the neighbor’s kids or something.