When The Friend Won't Pay

It's time for Evan to get tough. He did a loan to a friend who claims to be a Christian, but is running into trouble.

QUESTION: Evan loaned a friend $40,000 and he stopped paying it back. The friend is a Christian, and Evan has brought him before the church to be accountable for the debt, to no avail. Evan’s son is graduating from school and needs money. The loan is unsecured, and Dave says he’s left with 2 choices.

ANSWER: This guy is a scumburger. You’ve brought him before the church and he’s still not paying. I hope you’ve learned your lesson with loaning people money. If you have learned that lesson, you can either walk away from this and forget it, or sue him. You’ve got to decide what you are willing to do emotionally and spiritually. I’m fine with either one because this guy is scum. Maybe a threatening letter from an attorney will get him back to the table.

You can even settle for $20,000 and say you’ll be out of his life. Otherwise, he needs to start paying $1,000 a month to you, and start right now. You can’t make someone stick to their commitment, even through court. All you can do is take their stuff. I’m all right to take a lien against his finances to get him to pay. If he’s trying but has no money, I’ll work with him and give him mercy. But if he has the means and is just being a jerk, I’d go after him.