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Ask Dave

Dave has answered thousands of money questions over the years.
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Relationships and money

Should I Loan Friends Money

Charlie says a friend owes him money, but the friend is helping Charlie with a job. Does Charlie pay him for the job or forgive the debt?

Millionaire Widow Needs a Prenup

Heather's husband died from cancer several years ago. She has $3.8 million in assets. Heather is considering marriage again. Does she need a prenuptial agreement?

Contentment Is Learning Gratitude

Ryan asks how to teach their kids to be grateful for what they have and not always have the latest, greatest thing. Rachel says humility is part of this lesson.

Saving For the Twins' Future

Candace just had twin boys five months ago and is wondering what the best option is for building up savings for them once the family's debt snowball is finished.

Growing Up As a Ramsey

Joe wants to know how to get your kids to learn the dangers of debt without them feeling the sting of it. Dave and Rachel give their answer from the experience of growing up in the Ramsey house.

A Marriage in Troubled Waters

Steve and his wife have $70,000 in debt and make $183,000 a year. They have separate bank accounts, and she spends what she wants. Dave senses this may not be a salvageable marriage situation.

Letting Kids Make Money Mistakes

Christina has a 6-year-old son with $400 saved. He wants to buy a motorcycle someday with it, but now he's changed his mind and wants a tablet. Is it okay for him to change his mind like this?