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Ask Dave

Dave has answered thousands of money questions over the years.
Find the answer to your question here.

Relationships and money

Son's First Paycheck

Amy's teenage son is about to receive his first paycheck. She asks Dave and Rachel about saving, spending and teaching him to set goals.

How Do I Get My Spouse On Board?

Jennifer can't get her husband to sit down and do a budget even after taking Dave's class. Dave thinks Jennifer's husband is acting selfishly and doesn't listen to her.

How to Teach Small Children About Money

Monica has started her 4-year-old on a chore chart. She has his envelope system set up but has trouble helping him distinguish between saving and spending. How can she do that?

Warning! You Need Premarital Counseling

Sandra and her fiancé make $90,000 a year. They want to start a family after they're married, but Sandra's fiancé wants to buy a boat soon after they're married. Dave gives Sandra some tough love.

Do I Bail Her Out?

Cindy's youngest child is asking to be bailed out of a situation. Cindy isn't sure if she should give her a loan or just give her the money and give the two other children the same amount.

Married to an Entrepreneur

Charles says he married an entrepreneur, and he and his wife have different personality styles. How can he best communicate to her and not hold her back from her ambitions? Dave thinks Charles's wife needs him in her life in order to bring stability to her life.

Should I Loan Friends Money

Charlie says a friend owes him money, but the friend is helping Charlie with a job. Does Charlie pay him for the job or forgive the debt?