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Ask Dave

Dave has answered thousands of money questions over the years.
Find the answer to your question here.

Relationships and money

Talk about boundaries

Christina and her husband are trying to get control of their finances, and they're becoming increasingly frustrated with her father. She says he thinks they're obligated to buy him whatever he wants when they go to the store together. Dave says Christina needs to have a talk with her father about boundaries.

No arguments

Ricky and his father have been arguing over what Ricky and his wife want to do with their rental property and their money. Dave says there should be no arguments, because the money and the property don't belong to his dad. He also gives Ricky advice on how to handle the financial side of the equation.

Thankfulness and boundaries

Emily's future in-laws are moving a little too fast and going a bit too far in trying to do nice things for her and their son. Dave doesn't think they're bad folks, just excited about the upcoming marriage. He gives Emily some gentle advice on boundaries and relationships.

Holidays and family

Dave called in from Chicago to ask for advice on handling stressful relationships with his mom and sister over the holidays. Our Dave offered insight and advice on navigating this sticky situation.

Doing the right thing

Carla's son, who is a senior in college, has been misbehaving and acting disrespectful toward his family. She and her husband decided to take strong measures in response, and now she's wondering if they did the right thing. Dave and his guest, Dr. Meg Meeker, reassure Carla that their actions were appropriate - and helpful - in the long run.

Decide with her

Randy has what he thinks is a good idea to help relieve stress in his wife's work life. Dave reminds him that it's really her decision, and that they should talk about it and come to a conclusion together.

Don't argue about it

Michael's mom and dad really got into Dave's plan. They even taught Financial Peace University at their church. Now, they've leased a car, bought a new one on payments and have a bunch of credit cards. Michael doesn't know what has happened, and he wants to help. But Dave says there may be nothing he can do right now.

Budget together

Cheryl and her husband are having money issues, and Dave thinks it's because they're not working together. He has lots of good advice for becoming one with money in a marriage.

Biblical Submission?

Darcy wants to stay debt-free, but has trouble saying no to her husband's purchases. She asks Dave about the biblical definition of submission.

How to Help a Friend With Finances

Gina in Texas is trying to help a friend who is going through financial and job difficulties. Dave gives her his take on the matter, and says the friend needs to do more to make things happen.