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Ask Dave

Wait on the honeymoon?

Postpone the honeymoon due to a job loss? Dave gives his opinion on Corina's situation.

QUESTION: Corina is getting married soon, but her fiancé recently lost his job. Should they still go on a honeymoon after the wedding? Dave assesses their situation, and he gives them advice and some motivation.

ANSWER: I’m not usually a big fan of spending when someone loses a job. But I think your situation is a little different. You’re working together, and you’ve already got a nice chunk of cash parked in the bank.

Your guy can find another job in a couple of weeks, considering his field and experience. Companies everywhere are hiring people right now, and the economy is booming! If he gets out there and really busts it looking for another position leading up to the wedding, I think you two will be fine. He might even be able to work it out to start right after the honeymoon.