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Ask Dave

It's Not My House Anymore?

Dan's wife got angry at him a few years back and sold their house without his knowledge. He didn't find out until three years later. He continued making the payments on the house. Does he have any recourse?

QUESTION: Dan in Michigan had a wife who owned a house when they got married. She got angry at him a few years back and sold their house to her daughter without his knowledge. He didn’t find out until three years later when the daughter took out a second mortgage. The whole time, he was making the payments on the house. Does he have any recourse?

ANSWER: You’ve been sitting here paying the mortgage and thought you owned the house, and your wife had deeded it to her daughter. That’s just dumb; that doesn’t even make sense. You say your money got put into your account and your wife pays the bill electronically; that means your wife continued to lie to you.

What’s more, you waited for three years before starting to ask questions about this. I think you need a lawyer and a marriage counselor. I might also need a criminal attorney because I might have killed one of these people! My gosh! This is the dumbest thing I’ve heard in my life!

This is your wife selling this house and letting you pay payments on it for a decade. Then you find out and you sit on your butt for three years. If it were me, I’d be in orbit! I’m not going to sit and make payments on a house that they took out of my name! You have a weird marriage and you need a marriage counselor and a lawyer, maybe a divorce attorney.

But if you’re willing to put up with this crap, which you apparently are to some degree, then you get what you signed on for. There is really no middle ground in something like this. If you want the money back and the woman who defrauded you to go to jail, you are probably going to end up divorcing her in the process. Either that or you want the marriage and you work through these issues and you get some kind of assurance that this kind of crap never happens again, and you guys probably need to move because you don’t own the house you live in.

Weird, weird, weird!