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Ask Dave

Hating Dave's Name

Greg has turned Dave's name into a swear word in his house. How can he get his wife to come to this process enthusiastically?

QUESTION: Greg in Pennsylvania has turned Dave’s name into a swear word in his house. He’s asked his wife to attend Financial Peace University, but she’s resistant to the idea. How can he get her to come to this process enthusiastically?

ANSWER: To start with, quit using my name when it involves decisions. Just talk about what is smart for you guys, not what Dave Ramsey said. Never do that again. It may take years for my name to come back, but eventually it will come back.

As far as getting her to attend the class enthusiastically, I think you’re going to have a limited process on that, but I think you start with a good, old-fashioned apology because you owe her one. You screwed up. Just start right there and admit that you messed up. Tell her because you were so enthusiastic about this and you want to do this, you went at it a certain way and it was a real bad idea.

Tell her you really goofed up and to please accept your apology. It would mean a lot to you because you think it would help your marriage and your future if you can work on this together. Ask her to please go to the class because it means so much to you.

A lot of times, when you do that, it will take you a long way toward where you want to go.