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Ask Dave

Gift cards for grandkids?

Liz wants to give her grandchildren gift cards for Christmas, but Dave isn't fond of the idea - especially when it comes to little kids.

QUESTION: Liz wants to know how much to put on gift cards for each of her five grandchildren for Christmas. Dave thinks she can do better than gift cards — especially if the grandkids are little.

ANSWER: I think it depends on two things. First, are you two debt-free, or at least able to provide gifts without going into debt? The amount you spend on individual gifts? I would suggest making it reasonable, and relative to your income and that of the household in which the grandchildren live.

I can’t imagine a four-year-old getting excited over a gift card. So, if that’s the general age range we’re talking about, have some fun with it! Head down to the store, and really put some thought into these decisions. On the other hand, it might be just the thing for a teenager.

But if your grandkids are still little, please don’t give them gift cards.