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Ask Dave

How Do I Tactfully Decline an Out-of-Town Wedding?

Alicia asks how to tactfully tell someone she can't attend their out-of-town wedding.

QUESTION: Alicia asks how to tactfully tell someone she can’t attend their out-of-town wedding.

ANSWER: That’s his problem. It’s not your problem. There isn’t a tactful way to deal with somebody who has temper fits and throws a little fit about everything that’s about them. He doesn’t get to decide how you run your family. “I’m sorry. I can’t come. I don’t have the money, and we don’t borrow money. You’ve got to have a little more communication about things than that. Sorry.”

Furious is furious, and such it is. I can’t control other people’s temper fits. I can’t fix that for them. They have to deal with their own self on that. You can’t do it otherwise. It’s that simple.