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Ask Dave

Sea World Stupid!

Adam wants debt freedom, his wife wants a vacation. This one sets Dave off.

QUESTION: Adam needs Dave’s suggestions on keeping his wife motivated. They are halfway through their debt snowball and have paid off about $27,000. His wife wants to take a break from paying off their debt so they can go to Sea World. Dave thinks this idea is absurd and explains why this is a metaphor for America.

ANSWER: The problem is that she doesn't care if she's out of debt or not. She doesn't believe that it's worth paying a price to win. If I told her one of the kids would die before the end of the year if you didn't get out of debt, you'd make it a priority and be out of debt. As far as this goes, you've got to be KIDDING ME! SEA WORLD?! You make $100,000 a year, have $30,000 in debt, you're broke and want to go to Sea World?! That concept is absurd.