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Ask Dave

Deadbeat Husband

Time for Matt's sister-in-law to get tough with her ex-husband and make him accountable.

QUESTION: Matt has a sister-in-law that just got divorced. They bought a house and she put it in her name because he was an immigrant who didn’t have his status yet. She owes $98,000 on the house, and the divorce decree says the husband needs to be accountable somehow. Her attorney said she needed to file bankruptcy, but Dave has a better idea.

ANSWER: The divorce decree says the husband is supposed to refinance the house, and he hasn’t. He’s in contempt of court. Get him back before the judge and say that the husband is a deadbeat who can’t and won’t refinance, so make him sell the house. The judge should agree, the house gets sold, you pay off the mortgage and you're not bankrupt.