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Ask Dave

In Debt To Your Master

Joe has a very unusual question for Dave, who doesn't believe in borrowing money.

QUESTION: Joe is going back to school in the summer, can’t work and will be back on student loans. His in-laws offered to pay his mortgage for the 3 years that he is in school. He can pay it back interest-free. Is it a good idea?

ANSWER: You’re calling the guy who tells people not to borrow money. I don’t accept you having to go into student loan debt or in-law debt to go to school. I always try to find how to do things without borrowing money. If you can work somewhere that will pay your schooling, I’d do that. It would be worth it, even though you’re very tired at night. Worst case scenario, if you don’t take my advice, don’t borrow money from your in-laws. The borrower is slave to the lender. Thanksgiving dinner tastes different when you eat with your master and not your family. Please don’t borrow money from these people. You can get yourself in a family mess very fast.