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Ask Dave

Contempt of Court

Tiffany owes $10,000 in credit card debt after her divorce. Since the court ordered him to pay on it, she'll have to pay and then take him back to court.

QUESTION: Tiffany was married at 19 and got four credit cards in her name since he had bad credit. They were divorced three years later and have $10,000 in credit card debt. In the divorce decree, he was ordered to pay on this, but she hasn’t gotten a penny from him. Does she have some recourse?

ANSWER: A deadbeat that’s still a deadbeat isn’t a shock to anyone. You’re going to pay the $10,000 that you owe, and then you can collect from him by taking him back to court because he’s in contempt. He was ordered by the court to pay, and by not paying he’s in contempt. Pay the $5,000 to take him back to court and have the judge knock him around a little bit and try to get this money.