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Ask Dave

Signing On

Jenny and her husband signed on a mortgage with her in-laws, and now they aren't paying. Dave says they're ridiculous.

QUESTION: Jenny has been married for over two years, and her in-laws told them that they needed help to get a house. Jenny and her husband signed on a mortgage for them, and now they aren’t paying. Jenny did a quit-claim deed over to them, and then the parents got a second mortgage. This one gets Dave going ... problems are abound here.

ANSWER: At what point don’t you guys look up and say this is a bad plan?! This is a ridiculous thing that you all have done, and it’s ridiculous that these people asked you to do it. They are one step up from being parasites. He needs to sit down with his parents this week and put the house on the market. Get it sold, because you are going to get foreclosed on, and have your credit trashed at age 23. If your in-laws need a place to rent, you can help them there. But you have bet your entire financial lives here and you’re losing. This smells bad and these folks need to get on their own two feet and walk themselves. Don’t sign another lease or mortgage for them.