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Ask Dave

Gimme Those Credit Cards

Scott needs to persuade his wife why they should stop using the credit cards, rather than tell her "DAVE RAMSEY SAID…".

QUESTION: Scott is having trouble getting his wife on board with Dave’s plan. She wants to do the budget but doesn’t want to give up the credit cards.

ANSWER: You are saying no, and that’s causing an argument. At this point, she thinks this is Scott’s latest project, but when she wants something, she wants it now. The idea is that the people involved in the household have to be adults. Adults devise a plan and follow it. Children do what feels good. She’s not your child and your job is to persuade her, not tell her what to do. Be careful in how you are communicating with her. Persuade her instead of saying “DAVE RAMSEY SAID …” It’s got to do with how you talk her through.