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Ask Dave

Get Her On Board

Bill needs let his wife know how much of a big deal getting out of debt is to him, rather than just tell her to get on board.

QUESTION: Bill wants to get out of debt and wonders how to get his wife on board. He grew up in a family that lived paycheck-to-paycheck. Her family was a lot like that, too. What can he do to get her on board?

ANSWER: There’s a breakdown in your relationship. I think you’ve lost credibility somewhere in your relationship and that’s affecting this situation. Turn off the TV, sit down with her, hold her hand, and say that this is a HUGE deal to you. She needs to hear you loud and clear that you are not comfortable with the way you guys are handling this money thing.

Tell her you want to have a great marriage with great communication, and this is something regarding that to work on. You both have a vote and you don’t have to bring up mistakes that were made in the past. If you sit down and work together, that will be a tremendous help. It’s a relationship thing that you’re doing here, not a mechanics thing.