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Ask Dave

Spoiled child

Diana did the absolute right thing by NOT co-signing on a loan for her son. Dave thinks he's a spoiled brat!

QUESTION: Diana's son is furious that she won't co-sign on a loan for him. Dave puts in his 2 cents.

ANSWER: He's furious with you because he's a spoiled brat, and spoiled brats don't like being told no. You made a very good choice to not co-sign on a loan for this guy. He's 26 years old, and it's about time he heard the word "no" about something. Right now, he's using borrowed money to go to Japan ... GIMME A BREAK! After all you've done for this kid, how DARE he get mad at you for not co-signing on a loan for him? You did the right thing for this kid, you just did it 10 years too late.