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Ask Dave

Big Baby

Dave thinks Michelle's husband is being a BABY because he wants to buy a motorcycle while they're deeply in debt.

Michelle's husband wants to buy a replacement motorcycle, but she doesn't know how to make him understand that it's not a priority. They are deeply in debt. Dave thinks this guy needs a good insult or two.



Read what Dave says:
This motorcycle shouldn't even be on the list of priorities to do when you're deeply in debt. This guy is being a baby. WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! He's not manning up and taking care of his family. I have no sympathy for this guy whatsoever. He needs his wife to say that she needs a mature man in the house who will sit down with her and, together, figure out a way to clean up this mess. I'm not against a guy buying a motorcycle, but he needs to step up and be an adult here and work together with his wife.