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Ask Dave

Newlyweds Buy House First Year?

Laura doesn't get why Dave says for newlyweds to wait on the house buying.

QUESTION: Laura asks why newlyweds should not buy a house the first year of marriage.

ANSWER: The first year is one of the toughest years of marriage and you need to spend that year on each other, not on buying drapes and furnishing a house.  You don’t know each other well enough to buy a house together yet and you definitely don’t know how close you want to live to mother-in-law! 

Spend the first year of marriage getting to know each other, piling up cash, and getting out of debt.  Then you can focus on buying a house.  In Deuteronomy 24 it says that in the first year of marriage a man is meant to stay home and bring happiness to the woman he married.  That translates today into not making any major decisions like buying a house, but instead just loving on each other.