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Ask Dave

Is A Christian School Doable?

Jenny is thinking of sending her son to a Christian school, but isn't sure if it's worth it.

QUESTION: Jenny’s oldest son is about to start preschool, and she went to public school. Their public schools are very good, and she wants to know if the cost of a Christian school is worth it. The tuition is $4,200 a year and they make $80,000 a year.

ANSWER: It’s 5% of your annual income, and that’s very reasonable. Some people put their kids in private school regardless of the cost, and it sinks them. Visit both schools and research the atmospheres of each. We’ve all known some hell-raising kids who went to Christian schools. It doesn’t ensure that doing so will make them angels.

Your kids are going to be in the culture at some point, so they should learn how to be light and salt in that culture. They should learn how to deal with people who don’t share their viewpoints. It depends on how bad your public school is. My kids went to great public schools. I’m all right either way, but sometimes both hands are overplayed. It’s a reasonable amount of your budget, so after you investigate both places, you’ll know what to do.