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Ask Dave

Finding Good Influence

Lauren is way ahead in terms of being a mature teenager, but others that she's hanging around with are beating down her goals.

QUESTION: Lauren is 16 and has been through Dave’s program. She has graduated high school. She wants Dave to explain to her about his stance on credit so she can explain it to her friends. When people express doubt about Dave’s plan, it makes her doubt herself. What does Dave say about it? Dave relishes the chance to talk to her about this.

ANSWER: I don’t hang around people who don’t help me accomplish my goals. I don’t want to hang with people who sow fear and doubt into me all the time. I would quit having these conversations with people who have enough influence on you to cause you to doubt yourself.

You have intellectually accepted these concepts, they are acceptable to you and you can see how they work. But I don’t care who you are; if you run around with people who do stuff that you don’t want to do, and you do that long enough, eventually you’ll do those things that they do. If you don’t want to drink, and you run around with a bunch of drunks, eventually you’ll be drinking. You either need to have positive peer pressure in these areas, or don’t hang around with them.

Don’t have these conversations and go live your life the way you want to live. You’ve got really good instincts, so trust them. The rest of the people aren’t winning anyway, so don’t listen to them. Run with the ones that you can convince.