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Ask Dave

Laziness Is The Problem

Anna's in-laws have a problem with work ... they don't want to do it. What does Dave say about their laziness?

QUESTION: Anna’s brother-in-law and sister-in-law are financially destitute and moved in (along with their 2 babies) with Anna. They don’t work and have lived with her for 3 weeks. Dave doesn’t waste any time here; he tells Anna exactly what she needs to tell them.

ANSWER: Take the little babies with you, and put the adults on the street. People that won’t work are people you can’t help. How can you help someone who won’t go get a job? By the end of the week, both of them need to be working full-time jobs delivering pizzas, cleaning houses, delivering newspapers and working at UPS and construction jobs, or they move out. You’re not helping them; you’re enabling them.

Give them some guidelines and tell them you want to help them, but they need to realize that laziness is their problem. You love them enough to tell them that, and if they get angry about that, they can go somewhere else. Tell them you’ll help them a little bit if they go get a bunch of jobs and work their way out of this mess. If you want to buy some food for the kids or keep the kids while they stay at the homeless shelter, I’ll bet that’ll wake them up!