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Ask Dave

Is He Marriage Material?

Dave is wary of Janine marrying her boyfriend. He wants an accountability partner so he can pay off debt faster, and Dave thinks that throws up a red flag.

QUESTION: Janine is dating someone who wants to get married. He thinks he will pay off his debt if he has a wife for an accountability partner. She doesn’t know what to think of that. Dave wants her to be very wary of something that could come from this.

ANSWER: No, I don’t think it's a good idea. If you want to be his accountability partner, you can do it form the dating position and not the wife position. This guy probably isn’t marriage material, but if you want to keep dating him to make sure, that’s all right. What keeps someone from being marriage material is if they don’t take control of their lives, have no character, and can’t manage their own behaviors. They’ll stay in debt for the rest of their lives and drag you around with them. Don’t you pay a dime of his bills, ever.