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Ask Dave

Don't Ask Me About Your Business

Kathy's husband has been stealing from their envelope system and not talking to her. It's seriously affecting their marriage.

QUESTION: Kathy’s husband has been stealing from their envelope system and their tithe money. He’s been spending it on little things like soft drinks. It’s not the first time he’s lied about money. He’s also said he doesn’t want to hear about his behavior from her. Dave thinks he needs a wake-up call.

ANSWER: I don’t worry about a little money coming out of envelopes for a soft drink. What bothers me here is the way you guys are interacting. He better not hear anything else about him lying to his wife? That’s funny, and not funny. If you were my little sister, he’d hear something about it. He doesn’t need help; he needs a punch in the nose. What kind of crud is that?! I’m going to do what I want and lie to my wife and not hear anything about it from my wife; this guy needs to stop up and be a man. What kind of a little boy is this? You need marriage counseling so someone can teach this boy how to be a man.

It’s stealing, lying and breaking trust with you, and that’s what’s not valid here. God will live through him taking Coke money from the tithe. Your husband is living a lie, and that’s what has to stop. He doesn’t even trust himself since he counts on you to be his mommy. He needs to look for a pastor who will walk him through serving his wife and teach him integrity. This is ridiculous behavior, and it won’t bring anything but a DIVORCE!!!