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Ask Dave

Starting Over As Single

Catherine is starting over after a separation from her husband and is unemployed. Where will she start?

QUESTION: Catherine asks how you can separate from a spouse when you are broke and unemployed. She and her husband are separating and she’s been a stay-at-home mom. They have only a $1,000 emergency fund and $30,000 in debt. She has no job that will cover daycare and other expenses and no family nearby.

ANSWER: Typically in a divorce situation, the husband will pay child support. That’s the law in every state, and during a separation, it’s suggested and demanded that he be paying child support. But you have to get a job and it could mean that you don’t stay in you house. You might not be earning the wages that your household used to earn and there is no government funded separation grants available, so you might have to do that.