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Ask Dave

Finding Balance In Life

One listener is getting married and wants to balance that properly with other life areas. Hear Dave's advice on it.

QUESTION: Listener wants to get married next year. How does he strike a proper work and life balance so he can win in both areas?

ANSWER: I don’t do that on a daily or weekly, or even annual basis. There are times that I work a lot less than I should because I’m reinvesting into other areas in my life, whether I’m training for a marathon or spending time with my family or whatever. Then there are other times where my training is not so great, or my family time is not so great because I’ve got some work that needs to be done. Perfectly balanced days, weeks or years is a false concept. Very few people do that.

You’ll have years that you work your butt off, and others where you cruise a little bit. That’s all right. Give yourself permission to be out of balance a little bit at a time. If you do 10 years of work, you won’t have a family. If you do 10 years of family only, you won’t have a career and your family will wish that you get off your butt and earn some money.