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Ask Dave

Do We Need A Pre-Nup?

Let's get Dave's opinion on pre-nup agreements.

QUESTION: Listener asks what Dave thinks of prenuptial agreements when the people are older and there are adult children involved who may want their stuff.

ANSWER: If you don’t have over $3 million, you don’t need a prenup. If you’re worried about who gets the china cabinet, then give them the china cabinet. Even better, have a will in place. There’s no reason for a pre-nuptial for a couple of retirement accounts that are only worth $300,000. You should be able to work through that yourselves, and if you can’t then you’re not ready to be married.

You need to be able to combine your life with someone that you marry. It doesn’t matter what your age is. The only reason I back off the pre-nuptial agreement deal at the higher dollar amount is that they tend to attract fruit loops from within their family who appear when some money shows up.