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Ask Dave

Interview follow-up

Krista needs advice on how to follow-up a few weeks after a job interview for a sales manager's position. Dave thinks she should put her sales skills to work.

QUESTION: Krista is being considered for a sales manager’s position. She has sent a couple of follow-up emails in the last few weeks, but she’s unsure of what to do now. Dave advises Krista to put her sales skills to work this time.

ANSWER: How about treating it like a sales call? If you’re on a sales call, and the customer needs to perform some due diligence before deciding, a smart salesperson will ask to schedule a follow-up. You want an appointment of sorts — a time frame — so you’ll know when to follow up without being pushy.

In this situation, I would recommend sending another email. You want to walk right up to that fine line that separates bold from obnoxious, because that’s one of things a good sales manager should be able to do. Respectfully tell them you understand the decision-making process takes time, but you need to know when you can expect an answer.

Use the idea that you’re a great sales person, and you’re treating this as a professional sales call. And don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it. If you’re still under consideration, that means they like you. You could even hint at the fact they don’t want to hire a sales manager who doesn’t know how to follow up.