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Ask Dave

How Do You Know It's Your Calling?

Matt asks Dave how you know when you've found your calling. Dave explains how he's seen people find it.

QUESTION: Matt in Kentucky asks Dave how you know when you’ve found your calling. Dave explains how he’s seen people find it.

ANSWER: I’ve met a few people who had that spiritual experience where they were just struck by lightning and knew their calling—boom!—but very few. That is not normative. The normative way that I find people who have found their calling is it started as an idea. Then it moved from that to a job and then to a career. It evolves over time into a calling. That’s certainly how I have stepped into this calling. I can’t tell you when I started on radio or started writing or started teaching people how to get out of debt that I knew that that was God’s call on my life. I felt the tug. I felt the burden–the weight of it. I felt the drawing—the magnetic pull, if you will. I couldn’t have sat with conviction and just raised my right hand and sworn that that’s what the deal was. Today, I’m 100% sure this is why I’m on the planet, but I’ve been doing this for 20 years. It’s evolved into that. I think you just keep walking, and then the path will start to break out before you. That’s the way I see it.