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Ask Dave

God Whispering To You

Randy is eligible to receive money from a class action lawsuit, but he doesn't feel like he was wronged in any way. He calls Dave from Dallas, Texas, for some help making the right decision.

QUESTION: Randy was notified that he is one of the beneficiaries of a class action lawsuit against a previous employer. The amount he can receive is $200, but Randy doesn’t think that he was wronged and feels weird about accepting the money. Everyone around him is urging him to take the cash, so he calls in from Dallas, Texas, and asks Dave what he should do.

ANSWER: Well, the people who are telling you to take the cash are not people who think like you think. They’re people who would just take any money; the kind of people who wouldn’t return a wallet full of cash if they found it on the sidewalk. But you would, so you don’t take advice from those people. They don’t live like you live.

Your heart has already told you what to do. God is whispering in your ear. If I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t take it. If it were $100,000, I wouldn’t take it. You were not wronged, and that money is for someone who was wronged.

I don’t know the details of the entire episode, or what happened with this particular company, but don’t agree with the idea that we’re supposed to beat up everybody and milk everything we can get out of every human we come across. Some people just live like it’s anarchy and have no sense of decorum. But you do. You have a sense of pride and a sense of dignity about you. And I agree with you.