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Ask Dave

Getting The Raise

George wants to know when the best time is to ask for a raise, and how to do it.

QUESTION: George wants to know when and how to ask for a raise at work.

ANSWER: When would be when you think you are deserving. How would be to show how you think you are deserving. No one on our team gets a raise just for being here and breathing. My team members get a raise when they do better. When they don’t do well enough they get no raise. If you don’t do enough for long enough, you leave the company.

I like someone to show me as their employer that they are more important to me than I thought they were. You can do that by doing a compensation study in your area and find out what someone in your area and your position is making. If you do a good job and are making less than average, bring it to their attention and ask what you can do to do better and earn your way through this.

If you are bringing in revenue, ask what you can do better to share in some of the profits you create. But don’t create a sense of entitlement; that won’t work for you.